Goodbye Rik

Goodbye Rik

At two o’clock this afternoon the friends and family of Rik Mayall laid him to rest. That was a shitty sentence to write. The sentence I should be writing is: at 2pm this afternoon the friends and family of Rik


You’ve got to accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative And latch on to the affirmative Don’t mess with Mister In-Between. About six years ago I followed the advice of pop sensation Johnny Mercer (see him dead this Saturday at your

An Open Letter to Somebody

Dear Somebody, That thing you did made us furious. You told us the thing was in our interest but it was actually because you were trying to make up for that other thing. You disgust us. Over two trillion people

My Exercise Regime

I begin my day by falling out of bed while squashing on my glutes with springs. Then I shower on a treadmill, kiss a bowl of porridge on a pretend bicycle and leap onto a bus just as it is

Everyone’s a Critic

If you are a regular user of that ultimate time waster called ‘social media’,  then you’ll know that everybody has an opinion. It is impossible not to open the Twitter client on your portable telephone device shouting machine without receiving

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