Hello my friend,  

My name is Martin Wolfenden and I am an out and proud photographer. Phew! It’s good to get that off my chest.

Since moving from my native West Yorkshire to the edge of Dartmoor in 2017, I’ve developed a love for the moors and have spent many hours trying to capture them with my camera. 

This has not been a easy task. Getting a good picture of Dartmoor can be like catching smoke while kneeling in pony poop and being rained on. It’s not until you learn to look at it as a series of small moors, each with their own atmosphere and stories to tell, that you can even begin to try and capture their beauty.

Then in spring 2022 I decided that I would lay down my tripod. You see, I have discovered that I rather like taking pictures of humans. Who would have figured!?

Landscape photographs will still appear occasionally but for now I’m working on a couple of exciting photographic projects and looking to release a photobook either later in 2022 or the first quarter of 2023.

Love ya.

P.S The ghost of Ansel Adams is furious with me.