Mad Smell

My house smells like a beach. It is not unpleasant; after all beaches are fresh and pleasant places. However houses are supposed to smell of houses, not the sea side. Last night I got down on all fours and sniffed


This morning I received a reply to my Email: Dear MR Wolsenden, We are sorry but it appears that you were added to the incorrect mailing list – please accept our apologies. On this occasion we will be unable to

Is There a Bus Due?

A few days ago I received and Email which began: ‘As a Jewish celebrity you know the importance of keeping in touch with your family.’ “That is correct,” I thought and clicked on the link to the telephone operators who

Bum Threat

What an interesting week this has been for free speech. We’ve had students rioting, which hasn’t happened since the 70s or 80s and a man was found guilty of making a joke. Should we be surprised? After all we are

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