Am a bit too busy for blogging this week but I couldn’t let it go by without bringing this brilliant video to your attention, from my friend* Misery Bear. For more Misery Bear videos head over to http://www.wormhotel.co.uk You can


Blogs are strange thing aren’t they? Why do us ‘bloggers’ think the world gives a damned about what we think? Are we supremely arrogant or is there more to it? Every time I sit down to afflict the world with


My last few blogs have been a bit grumpy and angry, so in reparation, this blog is all about other people and their wonderfully funny things. You should go and see at least one of these shows because they really

A Listener to Kill

Just a quick blog today. Many thanks to all the people who contacted me regarding child abuse support groups. However I have never been abused either sexually or physically, nor was I kidnapped by a man and taken to space.

Drunk Yay!

OK so WordPress went wrong yesterday and scrambled my entry, just think of it as 100% extra free. It’s Friday again and as I type this I’m pouring myself a fifth glass of wine and enjoying the happy head feeling


I remember a time when I’d never heard of a podcast. Back then I didn’t have an iPod and couldn’t see the benefit of carrying music around on my phone. Mainly because I associated such practices with ‘those’ people on the

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