Musical Fool

It has been brought home to me recently, how little I know about popular music. The fact that I’m am referring to it as ‘popular music’ should give you some indication of my ineptitude around that subject. The problem is

Hate the Rich

Rich people annoy me. Not because they’re richer than me (pretty much everybody is richer than me) but because they exude an air of extreme cuntery. They swagger around in new clothes, drive new cars and eat new recipes in

Popes and Skeptics

Here comes the Pope. Here comes the Pope, In his Pope mobile. In his Pope mobile. This is the chorus of a song which school kids were forced to sing during the visit of Pope John Paul II to Britain

Spare Ribs

So  I fell down the stairs and cracked a couple of ribs… What? You want to know more? You crazy maniac. Yesterday I spent the day cleaning and polishing my home. Afterwards it smelled like a fresh rose in a perfumier’s

Pitch One

On Friday afternoons, back in the early 90s, I would write a list of ridiculous television show ideas and fax them to the BBC and Channel 4.   Eventually people at those institutions  would look forward to them arriving but

Take a Chill Pill?

There is something wrong with me. Nothing life threatening or painful, just something unpleasant. Sadly I can’t go to the Doctor about it, he would laugh. Yes my doctor is a man, so I’m not being sexist.  He has a cock

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