Merry Christmas!

Just a quick blog to wish all the readers of this blog and kind people who listened to The Gentleman’s Review podcast, a Merry Christmas. Your patronage is very much appreciated especially as we’re not big or famous. I’m writing

Review of 2009

It is during this season that we think back to the past year and what we’ve achieved. No we don’t!? We think “Oh I’m so busy and I’ve not enough money for anything and the heating is so expensive but

The Amateur Drunksman

They’re back! Steel yourself and put on your best vomit proof shoes because now is the age of the amateur drinker. As I write this, they are dragging themselves from their tea-total existences, pouring a large sherry and are about

Amazon Schmamazon

It’s that season again, the one where people go insane. The shops go bonkers and folk wrestle each other to the ground for the latest toys or computer game. Last year two men were seen wrestling naked in front of

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