Just a short blog today as I’m having dinner with some fine folk tonight and don’t want to be late.

Well it looks like the boycott worked. Apparently all the news channels moved swine flu down their running orders and started giving only facts. This means that I am the most powerful man in the world and can make news organisations bend to my will by not watching their programs.

Well the joke is on you news fools! Last night I watched loads of news. Which is why I knew that your shows had cowered at my feet and buckled with my threats. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That is the reason you became sensible and it wasn’t because only few people felt ill for a bit and then got better, making it a non news story. It is not that at all, losers!

As far as this blog is concerned I’m declaring the epidemic over. Even if I’m coughing my innards out it shall remain uncommented upon. The spelling may become erratic as my kidneys plop onto the keyboard but I will carry on resolutely.

Right I’m off now, catch me on Twitter where I’ll no doubt be Tweeting all evening. I may not be able to get your replies until I get home as my phone isn’t that advanced, it’s only an LG Renoir which is pants. My twitter name is: @martinwolfenden by the way.

Ta Ta!

Knee Trembler
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