Boyle Oh Boyle

So the backlash has begun and Susan Boyle once the nation’s darling has found herself the nation’s new Alistair Darling.  She sang like an angel at the auditions and like a broken dishwasher during the live studio show. Then I


For some reason as I plod through my thirties towards the abyss of my forties I seem to be getting more nostalgic. However that nostalgia has no bounds and I proved that last night while I was trawling through my

Episode 4 – Gay

Click to Play In this episode I ponder the proliferation of gay clubs and societies and ask whether they are really necessary in this day and age. Please excuse the blinking, I’m currently suffering from mild conjunctivitis.

Oh My Beard and Whiskers!

So my trade mark beard has gone and we shall see its like again. This morning I was rushing around like a loon as I’d overslept.. For some reason, even though I was rushing around I decided that my beard


My mind is a blank and I am finding it incredibly difficult to write today. So as in other times of creative constipation I am turning to the blog. Usually I don’t mention ‘the blog’ in the blog as I’m afraid

I Heart Stephen Fry

In a departure from my usual bloggery, I would like to talk about my relationship with a man who I have never met and who doesn’t know me. While doing this I hope to avoid extreme sentiment and mawkish rambling


This is a journey into words. Well it’s not really; I wouldn’t know how to write a journey into words. In fact regular readers of this blog will know that my knowledge of grammar and punctuation is extremely rudimentary and

Fluff Three & Belm

Before I begin today’s entry I just need to say that I am an idiot. Having spent three days attempting to get HD video onto an iPod Touch I discovered late last night that the iPod touch can’t do HD

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