Many of you will have been following my attempts to migrate my computer over to Linux. This has taken me a couple of months and now I can officially say that I’ve given up.

Yes it became apparent that I couldn’t do anything creative with Linux and I found myself continually rebooting into Windows Vista to do video, sound or web page editing. In the end I was only using Linux for internet surfing and reading my Emails.

The trouble is that the video editing software available for Linux is unable to deal with HD video, the best sound editor program is clunky and there are no web editing packages which can compare to Dreamweaver. Now if you don’t want to do all those things then Linux is the OS for you but it is going to be some time before it will be a viable alternative to windows or Mac OS for producing web ‘content’. So it’s farewell Ubuntu and hello Windows (again).

Of course I’ve not given up on opensource software. I’ve replaced Microsoft Office with Openoffice and I’ll keep Ubuntu installed on one of my hard drives. The minute Linux applications catch up with the 21st century I’ll move over but I’m not holding out much hope of that.

But enough of this tech tinkering talk! For I have an announcement to make. Ahem! I would like it to be known that I have a new podcast out.

“What another one!”

Yes another! Honestly some people.

“Well how do we get this podcast? What is it about?”

Well, I’m glad you asked me those questions.


Martin Wolfenden's Brain Fluff LogoLet me deal with your latter question first. It is about anything and everything. A camera is pointed in my general direction (for it is a video podcast) and I talk for a few minutes on the first subject which pops into my head. There is no preparation and it tests my ability to improvise. This format may change as I go along but I’ll stick with it for the moment. The first one is already up and you can get it in the video section of this site as well as iTunes, YouTube and Blip TV. It is a little shaky in places as one of the halogen video lights tipped forward while I was talking and nearly blinded me. So if you see me blinking like a loon and stumbling over a word then that’s the reason. However the rule is that I can’t stop and take it again. I’m not sure how many of these I’ll do but if people watch I’ll keep going and it’s not costing me anything. Oo! I forgot to say, the podcast is called ‘Martin Wolfenden’s Brain Fluff’.

You’ll have to forgive my flitting about today. I didn’t do much blogging last week and I’m playing catch up.

On Saturday I began a new script which I hope will make my fortune. I’ll keep you posted if that happens but it will be a while off yet. It’s for a six part radio series. Now I don’t have much luck with getting commissions as you may have noticed. But I think this one has legs as they say in the business. Although that phrase always makes me think of a scripts running amuck like one of the brooms in Fantasia. Sloshing words all over the shop and eventually overwhelming everything. Arghhhhh!

Ahem…sorry where was I, Oh I can’t remember.

Time to cook a steak.

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