You Bum Too

After struggling for weeks with Debian; I finally  gave in.  Frankly I became exhausted. Iceweasel couldn’t display the simplest flash content and I had to jump through flaming hoops of death just to get Flash installed. Even when it had

Discarded Gingham Pants

Today while walking to the shop I noticed among some bushes a pristine pair of gingham underpants. Now this isn’t an unusual thing. Quite often while passing shrubbery at the side of major thoroughfares I’ve seen discarded clothing which often

Dear Beeb

Dear British Broadcasting Corporation, We’ve been friends now for thirty seven years. You entertained and delighted me since childhood and are like a well loved Aunty. You’ve informed me about the world and helped shape my view of it. However

All New & Herring

Hello and welcome to the new look In fact I may follow Stephen Fry and call it 2.0, but I won’t. You may have noticed that we’ve cut away allot of the dead wood.  All that remains from

Counting Sausages

Last night I had a fantastic time in the company of Count Arthur Strong. Who is the most genuinely funny, comedy creations of modern time. He dumps on Alan Partridge and buries the rubbish of Leigh Francis and Sacha Barren-Cohen.

Linux 2: The Rejoinder

Have had a few angry Emails today from people who seem to have taken my decision to use an open source operating systems and applications, badly. There were also a great many insulting comments made on the blog. Happily WordPress


I’ve done it! Start all the clocks; make the dogs bark by taking away their juicy bones…etcetera etcetera. “What have I done?” You cry and then feel a bit bad because you’re at the birth of your first child. What

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