Holes and Lies

There I was digging this ‘ole. Who can forget those melodic utterances of Bernard Cribbins? He sang them before he became head of making people cry in Doctor Who. Those words sprang to mind (the ones of Bernard Cribbins, not

Yummy Pie

“So,” I said stroking my belly, “it’s time I went on a diet.” “Right-o,” said my friends. “I’m going live on 1500 Calories a day, then I’ll loose weight.” “Well good look with that,” they said while making a ‘fer


The world of the homosexual about town is full of irritating moments. Firstly there are the people who say the word homosexual incorrectly. The correct pronunciation is hom-oh-sexual not ho-mo-sexual. You see hom-oh means ‘the same’ and ho-mo means ‘man’.


It’s Friday and I’m sitting here trying to provide a topic for today’s blog. Now this is usually the point where you don’t hear from me for six months while I throw in the soiled blog towel and go off

Cuisson de la banque

Jonathan Swift once suggested, in an essay, that the Irish poor should feed their babies to the rich for money. This of course was a satirical work by a master of the form. Swift was one of the most outspoken critics

Skins and Bones

Thank you for Mr John for pointing out that yesterday’s blog entry was the most depressing thing ever written. I concur, I just needed to get it out of my system and now it’s out I can get back the

A Break from the Norm

I don’t know about you but I’ve been a tad disturbed of late by the coverage of Jade Goody’s final moments. It is becoming increasingly more uncomfortable and voyeuristic, seeing this young woman fight a loosing battle against cancer. It’s

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