Whoops Missus!

I have a comedy umbrella.  Now the above statement is not a pitch to get me onto ‘Britain Has Some Demonstrable Talent But Not Much by the Looks of This’, it is simply a fact.  This morning I was directing

The Lost Weekend

Yes, all right I have already reneged on what I said and haven’t written a blog for three days. Happily, I have an excellent excuse. I was in Peru with a beautiful woman. We were visiting some antiquities. A number


“Don’t get me started,” I said to a friend today who mentioned the US Senate and their funny ways.  Now this isn’t a political blog so I wont rant on too much about it but *belm* the US Government have two

Monkey Brains

Another quickie today as I need to write a horrible letter to my local council as I discovered a court summons on my doormat. Apparently the incompetent twats failed to inform me that  a single council tax payments had failed


Today my brain started fizzing, popping, and then whirring. This occasionally happens and when it does, I need to start writing down ideas. By next week it will wind down completely and become almost inert but for keeping my heart

Tinker, Tailor, Banker, Spy

Is everybody as confused as I am about the ‘Credit Crunch’? Yesterday it was all doom and gloom, the markets were at rock bottom. Even HBOS an institution most of us thought fireproof was being bought up by a smaller

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