Just read the following headline on the BBC site: Cockler gangmaster gets 14 years Frankly I think those Cockler bastards should get the chair! I’ve seen em dealing in cracks and selling hookers at tuppence a gander. Milm!


Have decided to become a television producer. Here are just a few of my ideas that will be coming to your screen soon. Title: Harsh Words from a Small Man Premise: A dwarf swears criticisms at some men. ——– Title:

Empty Headed

They say that you can tell when a writer runs out of ideas when he starts doing lists. Well here’s another: Ten plays that never opened: 1) Separate Toilets 2) Waiting for Garibaldi 3) Beautiful Sink 4) The Mouse Crap

Flap Doodle!

Well there’s more from the Ghost Town production tonight. I can show you exclusively a photo that will change your life: This one will change you children’s lives. It’s the audience for tonights show gathering and getting wet at 16:30.


It’s the coolest thing! Derek Acorah off of Most Haunted, is in town. They have set up a production office for a live show called. Ghostown Live in the building where I work. Here’s a photo of a sign directing

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