Poetic Injustice

What if Samuel Taylor Coleridge lived now? WOBBLY EFFECT In Xanadu did Kubla Khan A stately shopping mall decree Where Ralph the security guard ran Through Top Shop measureless to man Down to a kid in a hoodie… Gleeb!


Just read this in a leaflet that just plopped onto my desk. “Imagine stepping on a tack. Your whole body reacts because of something perceived by the foot. Reflexology with a full range of pressure sensors, utilizes the same body


Earlier I was sitting and thinking about Morrissey before going a funny colour and beating the stuffing out of a nearby cushion. Then I decided to write him a song to sing with his fool lips. Here goes: I’m miserable


Yesterday I pressed the wrong button on the internet radio and found myself listening to Radio 1. A trailer for a show was playing and I didn’t understand a word of it; at that moment came the realisation that I

Holy Monkfish!

Was perusing the internet and happened upon some poetry by this chap called Tyler Jones. You scare me When you do what you like When you do what I hate Lighting up I don’t understand Why you want to be

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