I used to write a blog most days but now it only really gets used when I want to rant about something.

Podcasts and silly things that I do with my comedy husband Andrew Wilson. Including the W & W podcast, Touching the Past, and Dab and Tench.

Me and my mates had been making podcasts for about 10 years when I upped sticks and moved to Devon from my beloved industrial North.

These are the podcasts that didn’t survive the move.


New Videos Coming soon – 04/03/2021

Do you like history?

Over the summer of 2021, my husband Henry and I will be making a series of videos looking at places of interest on Dartmoor and wider Devon. It will be shot in lovely shiny 4k and will feature some well-known places, as well as those off the beaten track. Henry has an M.A in archeology and I have a frankly unhealthy obsession with Victorian buildings and industry. So you should have a nice balance of small walls and gothic delights. We even have a drone for those hard-to-reach places.

The videos will become available on a new YouTube channel as I edit them over the autumn and winter months.