My Year in Review – 2015

It has been a while since I’ve written one of these, so let me begin. January Wake up without a hangover, having made the New Year resolution to only use crack cocaine. Spend the rest of the month committing petty

Review of 2013

Wizzzzzzz! Did you hear that? It was 2013. Yep, as a middle aged human that’s what I hear as my life ebbs away. One minute you’re shouting HAPPY NEW YEAR and the next you’re wishing people a Merry Christmas again.

A Sort of Review of 2012

A Sort of Review of 2012

As it’s the end of December I’m going to review the year in which me and my comedy chum Andy Wilson attempted to do some comedy together and that. Before I start, I’d like to plug the Dab and Tench

Review of 2009

It is during this season that we think back to the past year and what we’ve achieved. No we don’t!? We think “Oh I’m so busy and I’ve not enough money for anything and the heating is so expensive but

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