HD Horror

Arghhh! Technology hates me! To illustrate this I spent all of last weekend trying to produce my latest Brain Fluff in HD. This shouldn’t be difficult as I’m shooting it on an HD camera and editing it using an HD

Sulky Tosser

Last night I fell out with Twitter. You see, just because you are following somebody on Twitter, it doesn’t mean that they have to follow you. This one of the good things about Twitter as it as far more informal


Last night I popped to the pictures to see Wolverine and was most pleased. Then I wasn’t expecting a great deal, as I thought it would be like the first three X-Men films were shit.  Though both Ian McKellen and

Cold Twrkey

I did it! No I haven’t invented a monkey grenade or the world’s first elastic telescope. What I have done, in full surround fact, is pass an entire evening without Twitter. Oh yes ladies and gentlemen, you may well gasp

Knee Trembler

Just a short blog today as I’m having dinner with some fine folk tonight and don’t want to be late. Well it looks like the boycott worked. Apparently all the news channels moved swine flu down their running orders and

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